Paying Modality

Several payment types are acepted. Generally sends the goods after confirming the payment and the stock for the item.

Find available the folowing payment types:

1. Credit card

You can pay your purchase through the BBVA payment platform in a comfortable way under the best security. After confirming the payment through credit card, the BBVA payment platform will be displayed. The payment will be confirmed filling your credit card data in. We will not receive, neither have access, to any of these data as the transaction is directly made with the bank.

Once the payment is done you will return to our website confirming your purchase.

2. PayPal

Use your PayPal account to buy in a quickly and secure process. After you confirm PayPal as your payment type on our website, you will be resend to PayPal to folow the standar process of this payment modality: introduce your user name and password to confirm the payment.

PayPal is an easy and secure online payment procedure without sharing any financial data.

3. Habitual payment modality

If you ar a regular user, registered in the shop as a company, you will be able to use the way of payment we had previously agreed.

If your are registered as a company but you want another payment modality contact us and we will inform you about different payment modalities we use with regular customers.